Monday Funday

We all got some needed extra sleep this morning after the past 2 ½ days of Olympic fun. It was a lazy late wake-up morning and then off to The Lodge for a delicious breakfast.  We’ve been on high gear since the Olympic games started so our lazy morning was so very needed.

We got right back into camp action this afternoon with regular activities. The weather was perfect and the mood was ideal. It was great getting back to our regular schedule. We went right back into our Wayne County Tournaments.


Middy/Inter Girls LAX – CAW 3 @ Starlight 6

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 34 @ Lavi 29

Seniors – CITs’ Girls Tennis Tournament @ Indian Head – Arielle Ashkenase & Jess Leicther took 2nd place in Doubles

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 6

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 15 @ Starlight 22

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 14 @ Poyntelle 7

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 4 vs. Lavi 7

Senior Boys Basketball Tournament @ Towanda – CAW lost both games

Super Boys Soccer Tourney @ CAW – Westmont, Island Lake, Tioga and CAW – CAW wins Tourney 3-o

GC/CIT Boys Softball – CAW 0 vs. Lavi 8

At evening line-up we announced our Camper’s of the Week. There is nothing quite like hearing your name being called knowing that you have done a great job this week. These campers earned it and deserve it. Congratulations to these outstanding campers!! We are so proud of you.

Freshmen                        Hannah Friedman                                Brady Bornstein

Juniors                            Ally Yagaloff                                            Sam Brief

Middies                           Abby Weiss                                              Logan Salzman

Inters                              Alexa Sabatino                                        Jacob Kaftol

Collegiates                      Maya Grill                                              Jake Root

Seniors                          Rachel Novick                                          Zack Isaacson

Supers                           Sarah Gershman                                      Jacob Kernis

GC’s                               Arielle Ashkenase                                    Andrew Roisenberg

CIT’s                             Jess Leichter                                              Max Moritz

Then it was off to an absolutely perfect night for Round Robin as each division took over a spot on camp and had the best time at their own evening activity.

All our Cherokee campers spent their night on a giant Alphabet Scavenger Hunt. They searched for letters we hid all around camp and then it was back to Shields Hall court for a giant scrabble game. The laughs these kids had tonight as they searched hi and low for letters and running back to their team to come up with words was priceless. Mohican girls campers got pampered in their spa party. They were relaxed and in their zen place as they were doing nails, mud masks and hair straightening. Mohican boys were split between Wiffle Ball tournament and Biddy basketball games under the lights. Our Navajo campers loved their choice tonight as it was either watching Bachelorette in the Lodge, The Home Run Derby in the Chen-A-Plex or a Beach Bonfire. The sunset tonight on the beach was picture perfect. A bonfire, some s’mores, friends all around and memories that will last forever. A chill night with some very very happy campers. Another incredible day in the books at Chenny.

Chenny out.