Lights Camera Action

It’s award time here at Chen-A-Wanda and time again to honor our Campers of the Week for being spectacular!! A ginormous congratulations to the following campers who are so deserving of this recognition.

Girls Side: Lyla Goldberg, Hailey Eichenbaum, Morgan Fischer, Julia Seilback, Lyla Miller, Marissa Holzman, Alex Bass, Kylie Ross, Haylin Roth, Lexi Heifler

Boys Side: Dylan Glenn, Cooper Rosen, Drew Kastin, Andrew Marcus, Jake Sklar, Ashton Shibla, Jason Marks, Zach Morris, Landon Miller, Jake Weiss & Chrlie Marcus

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball CAW 21 vs. Wayne 30

Middy Boys Baseball CAW 7 vs. Wayne 11

Supers Boys Baseball CAW 0 vs Westmont 11

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 4  @ Wayne 3 – Chenny wins Championship

It was the showtime tonight and our actors were ready to perform. The stage was set, audience was ready and the cast was excited to put on an incredible show and that is exactly what they did. It was a Broadway review that was absolutely incredible. Songs and performances from The little Mermaid, Legally Blonde and more. These campers poured their hearts and souls into the show and it showed. They sang and danced and the spotlight was shining bright on each one of our talented kids tonight. The show was fabulous, entertaining and most importantly, the kids had the absolute best time performing for camp. It was another an incredible night surrounded by amazing people and supporting one another in the best possible way. How we all love this place and how it just feels so good being here. Congratulations to our cast tonight. They are superstars!!!