Life is Great – Circle of Chenny

Today was Rookie day and we hosted a great group of potential Chenny Kids. They arrived all eager and excited to start their journey. With that first step into sleep away camp, I sat watching their faces as they separated from their parents, all excited, some nervous but with an eagerness to explore this next step. What was interesting throughout the day was to watch the older kids notice these new young kids, start their Chenny journey. I over heard one of our older kids say to his buddy, “remember when we were rookies?” They smiled to one another as to acknowledge this journey goes so quick. Faster than you can imagine. I watched these rookies from their very beginning. Some I’ve seen over the years at Visiting Day as they visit their big sister or big brother and now it’s their turn. Some are brand new to Chenny but equally amazed about this whole experience. I see the beginning and I see the end and everything in between. When you pick the camp for your children, it is such a huge decision as you are making a choice on where they will grow up and that will change who they are, forever. I had so much joy in my heart today watching their first steps, these rookies who spent their day with us. They may have rode the Great Big Mable in Fiddle Lake today, or hit a wiffle ball way over the big red monster this afternoon but what they really did was take their first step into what will most definitely change the course of who they become. It was an absolute honor to be part of that process. Was a great day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda as we were able to introduce it’s magic on a whole new group of amazing kids.

Our dance team took 2nd place at the Wayne dance competition today. We are so proud of our contemporary dance group as they dazzled the judges with their beautiful lyrical performance. There were so many amazing performances today and Chenny just blew everyone away. Our girls are graceful and had the time of their lives today.

A GIANT congratulations to or Collegiate Girls Basketball team as they are Wayne County Champions defeating Morahsa with a  41-24 victory in todays Championship game. In true Chenny form, it was a jump in the lake after the win!!! Our girl swede fierce and played one heck of a game.

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 10

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 28 @ Island Lake 45

Congratulations to our Campers of the Week – They were spectacular camper wall week long.

Freshman         Skye Housenbold  &  Alex Minkoff

Juniors              Eden Lebovitch   & Jonah Burke

Middies             Sydney Sacks  & Zach Marasia

Inters                 Shaya Roth  & Max Gutman

Collegiates         Lexi Gruberger   & Zach Goodman

Seniors               Sarah Haber   & Aarn Marasia

Supers                 Kaley Morabito  & Andrew Larheim & Drew Korn

CIT’s                     Mel Borker  & Reed Dooskin

It was a great week to be kind here at Chenny. Our Kind Campers are: Ally Schwarz, Addy Goldstein, Samara Goldman, Dylan Grabow, Sloane Irizarry, Elaina hammy, Emily Kushner, Elana Kessler, Sammie Pariser, Addy Rubbovitz, Alex Mallor, Alexa Selter, Hailey Nydish, Gracie Murphy, Skyler Fensterstock, Abby Nussbaum, Tyler Agulnick, Alex Berman. Ethan Coulthard, Alex Gatto, Noah Kule, Benji Herzog, Jagger Morgan, Jared Simpson & Bradem Schwartz.

Tonight was Head Staff Lip Sync Battle and they show was insane. It was a night to remember and our Dance and Fitness Director, Sandra Belleiu was crowned the unanimous winner of the battle and won for the entire Middy division. She took control and put on 2 performances that brought us out of our seats. It was a night that nobody will forget.

Chenny out.