Late Night With Leahy

Today was a brunch wake up and boy did we all need those extra zzzzzzz’ss.  After our 5 day Color War, the sleep was so was well deserved. It was a clean up day as we prepare for packing day tomorrow.  The sun was shining and it was a relaxed dat at camp. Things are winding down and it feels like summer is getting close to the end. With only a few more day to go, reality is setting in – Summer ’21 is wrapping up.

Center camp looked like a movie set with kids having a catch together, throwing the Frisbee to one another and swinging on swings without a care in the world. Imagine a world where there is just no pressure and kids outside in the fresh air playing all day long? Your children are in that world for 2 more days here at Chenny and we are making sure that every moment counts.

It was Camper of the Week today and you know how we feel about our superstar campers who earn this coveted award. They are standouts and deserve every accolade. Congratulations to this weeks Campers of the Week!!

Rookies: Ruby Brief/ Reid Sterling

Freshman: Mara Cohen / Harrison Pilkerton

Juniors: Victoria Portanova / Zac Lederman

Middies: Brynn Stern/ Jack Zaben

Inters: Sammie Keane/ Max Coffman

Collegiates: Ava Goldenberg / Jake Seilback

Seniors: Ally Yagaloff / Jacob Coffman

Supers: Liv Mallor / Jack Dubinsky

GC’s: Holden Baris / Jayden Sardoff

The most anticipated evening activity of summer is Late Night with Leahy and tonights show was INCREDIBLE. So entertaining , there is no other way to describe it other than beyond belief funny and fabulously entertaining. Brian Leahy creates the most entertaining videos and produces a show that is funny beyond belief and wraps up our summer with the most perfect late night talk show twist.  There are incredibly funny videos, dances, TikToks and Beats Headphones giveaways.  Campers and staff absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed tonight. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day and the ideal warp up to summer 2021. Ask your camper how Late Night was and we know they’d say, BEST SHOW EVER followed by a chant everyone on camp knows all to well…BRRIIIAAAN LEAHHHHHYYYY!!!!

Just two more days to go until summer ’21 is in the books. We have had the most EPIC summer to date and our Chenny spirit is flying high here. You can feel the energy, it’s undeniable. Banquet tomorrow followed by memory night. We are heading into a Great Ending to summer 2021.