Kind Awesome Campers!!

To be awarded Camper of the week is a huge honor here at Chenny and these campers deserved it. They show leadership, great character, honor, loyalty and kindness. They are standout campers and earned this high honor. We are so incredibly proud of them and know that you at home will be too. Congratulations to our awesome Campers of the Week.

Rookies: Gabe Porat & Zach Burbank / Lily Koenig & Maya Rubin

Freshman: Garren Katzenberg & Cole Pruss / Charlotte Cangiano & Zoey Kornblau

Juniors: Ryan Katz & Asher Goldstein / Julie Gold & Layla Cahn

Middies:   Brandon Worth & Ryan Scarcella / Alexis Burbank & Jordana Poplock

Inters: Elan Harel & Noah Simon / Maya Tave & Mia Koenig

Collegiates:  Alex Lindenbaum & Noah Simon / Remy Zaben & Emily Bensich

Seniors: Jordan Tave & Greg Michaels / Emma Plotkin

Supers: Jake Weiss & Derek Satz / Jesse Gatto & Haylin Roth

GC’s: Jake Koningsberg & Josh Baum / Bari Klein & Sylvie Slotkin

It’s Cool To Be Kind at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and this honor is solely driven by the campers themselves. They nominate each other and this week we had over 750 nominations. We read every single one and it is one of my favorite things I do here. I get to read your kids words about their friends and bunkmates and how they recognize and honor kindness. It is special and they see how kindness is contagious. As I announce the kind campers at line-up, to see their faces when we call their names is truly priceless. The pride they feel and happiness they exude is just joyful. When you get recognized and honored by your peers for being kind, there is just no bigger compliment these campers can receive. They wear the kind camper T’s with a pride that comes from the inside and radiates outward. It’s an honor and your kids are so KIND!!

Girls Side Kindness: Zoe Ratner, Ava Sobel, Lexi Ortix, Brier Schweibel, Marissa Holtzman, Daniela Portanova, Brynn Stern, Madison Rosen, Sophia Giarantanna, Amalia Berman, Bailey McAlevey, Ella Goldberg, Maddi Klatsky, Abby Sugarman, Emma Rice, Liv Steinberg, Alivia Johnson, Jamie Eber, Casey Ashkenase, Jordan Hanel, Sammie Diamond, Jaden Bugni, Maya Kushner, Charlie McClure, Taylor Klein, Syd Geller, Sydney Garfield, Dylan Bloom, Gracie Frankel, Sammy Simpson

Boys Side Kindness: Dylan Cohen, Ryan Donoghue, Jordan Ockner, Ben Simons, Zachary Marasia, Alex Orlando , Parker Agulnick, Matthew Doncheck, Zac Penson, Logan Shapiro, Justin Horowitz, Austin Levitz, Jesse Lederman, Eric Baldinger, Adam Rashid, Landon Shlanger, Trent Hernandez

Another day with more memories made and we get this for another 18 days! Camp is going quick but we won’t waste a minute. There is so much more to do. 🙂

Life is GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!