How Could This Be Our Last Trip of 2016?

Our Cherokee campers (Freshmen – Middies) spent today cooling off at Camel Beach. It was water ride after water ride and we had some very happy Cherokee campers today. The sun was hot but we were cool.  As the sun set, it was dinner at the park then back to camp.  What could better than that? Not much for our youngest campers. They got off the bus, all exhausted and all equally loving their biggest trip yet.

Mohican campers (Inters & Collegiates) spent the afternoon at the State Park. Their very chill afternoon was spent hanging out in the lake, having a catch together and just enjoying the beautiful day they had. It was a perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy each other. Then it was to the movies to catch a summer block buster. What could be better than a relaxing afternoon at the park, followed by a night at the movies. All Mohican campers are back in their bunks with smiles on their faces, tummies full from all that popcorn and a day they all enjoyed so much.

Navajo campers (Seniors – GC’s) spent their last trip day at Dorney Park and it was awesome. Rides, games, food and friends was the ideal combination for their picture perfect day. They rolled back into camp, all exhausted but with smiles on their faces. They went big for their last trip and Dorney was just an incredible place to spend their last trip day of summer 2016.

Our CIT’s arrived safely back at camp from their amazing 3 day trip to Lake George. It was an adventurers paradise. They white water rafted, they climbed intense adventure courses, the zipped across beautiful forests and they experienced an awesome 3 days as they end their Chenny camper experience.  Getting to this stage and seeing your camper years coming to an end in this way makes for a truly perfect ending for these incredible young adults.  This is truly a remarkable group of kids who we are proud to have watched grow up in front of our eyes.

This is what Chenny summer’s are  all about. Sharing these amazing days with some of the most amazing people we have ever met and choosing to come back every summer and do it again. All of your kids are safely back at camp, sleeping soundly in their bunks. A perfect ending to Summer 2016 last trip day.

Get ready Chenny, now with our trips for Summer 2016 officially in the books……. looks like Chenny may be getting ready for Color War.

Chenny out