Halloween & A Sweet 16

It was brunch day and we all needed that extra sleep. Getting to sleep in after the effort and intensity of our Olympic games was needed and appreciated by all.  The sun was shining bright today at Chenny and it was perfect weather here. Not too hot, not too cold and 100% no rain. Everyone seemed so positive and upbeat because the weather was just ideal.

Our Supers were off for their camping overnight at Hickory State Park. These kids are having an experience that they will never forget. They pitched tents, enjoyed beautiful hikes, roasted hot dogs, made S’mores and enjoyed making jiffy pop popcorn right on the open fire. You know that Jiffy Pop that has the foil that pops. They loved it. What could be better than sitting around the campfire with your friends on a warm summer night, roasting marshmallows and laughing until your stomach hurts? These summer moments are just the absolute best.

There is nothing quite like dressing up in your Halloween costume in July. We were all so into our Halloween costume parade as each camper strutted their stuff down the catwalk. They showed off their costumes and had the greatest night. Everyone was in on the fun and loving celebrating Halloween together. After the parade, it was off to trick or treat and campers went station to station as they filled up their bags with oodles of treats. The spooky halloween music playing all over camp set the stage for our ghouly evening. In true Chenny tradition, the Senior girls made a haunted spook house in the Dance Studio that spooked and creeped out everyone who dared to enter. It was a great night and one that won’t soon be forgotten.

We wanted to give our GC’s a night they would never forget as we celebrated all our Sweet 16’s. It was their night and it was remarkable. This group, these kids are AMAZING. They had the greatest night as they danced, took pics, ate amazing food, danced more, ate more, laughed more and had the absolute best Sweet 16. The venue was incredible and rustic and beautiful. The food was beyond delicious but it was the people there that made this night as special as it was. The GC group is one special group. It is more like a family who truly love being together. You can see it and you can definitely feel it.  It was just as perfect of a day as you can dream of. Best news, we get to do it all again tomorrow.