Everyone Counts

We Bleed Red & Gold. We fight for something we believe in. We are passionate about a common goal that drives us to be the best we can be. We give it all we’ve got and leave it all on the fields and courts. We sing, chant and cheer with our brothers and sisters. We are superstars every single day. We feel pure exhaustion but slowing down is just not an option. We put our arms around our opponents after a battle well fought. We are a valued team member and we count.  We win and we lose but the journey is what matters. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We speak the same language and understand why color war rules everything.  We are better together than apart. We love apache. This defines Color War. From our youngest Freshman to our most seasoned CIT’s and everyone in between play an integral role in our Color War. Every point, every basket, every lap and every goal matters and the end result builds character and pushes us to places that we didn’t know we could go. This is Color War.

Everyone counts in the Apache Relay and every camper plays a key role. No matter if you are part of the elephant walk or being wrapped in toilet paper, running around the quad track, painting an entire oak tag board or are heading into the School of Rock for the infamous “unknown”, you count. It is a race that includes every single camper. It is fun, it is intense and it is Apache. When you think of the true meaning of this camp wide relay, you understand how connected we all are and how each part makes up the whole. Campers have spectacular moments that will forever stay with them and today that moment happened for Freshman camper Asher Goldstein. He and 3 teammates from the Gold team were on the dock and the task was that one of them had to catch a fish. He put a worm on the hook and stood on that dock waiting for the fish to bite. He waited and waited and waited some more. He was the youngest kid on that dock (actually 2 of his fishing teammates were his older siblings) and all of the sudden Asher shouted, “I did it, I think I caught a fish.” There wasn’t a kid or counselor on that dock and beach that wasn’t screaming with excitement for Asher. His smile was huge and said it all. The littlest kid was able to do the biggest thing.. he caught the fish.

Tonight was staff game night. It was Red vs. Gold in Wiffle Ball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. They had the best time playing and our kids had the best time supporting them. To watch out staff get out there and play themselves was priceless. Color War brings out the best in all of us and this War is oh so close. Before Staff Game night the scores wer announced and only 18 points separated the teams. We have a War on our hands as we enter the 5th and final day. It will all come down to SING!

Chenny out.