Be The River

We have a saying here at Chenny that has stood the test of time and has become part of our ethos; Be the River, Not the Rock. When you approach life as the river, you are capable to roll with life’s ups and downs and can go with the flow. When you are the rock, you get stuck and moving forward seems impossible. Today, our campers were most definitely the river.

It was our trip day and we had some fun trips that the campers were really looking forward but the weather had its own plans. Each trip had to pivot and though there were some initial disappointment, our campers went with the flow and still were able to have a remarkable day. The Freshman, Juniors and Middies were set to spend their day at Camel Beach enjoying the water park but the rain moved in and we moved out. It was off to the movies, to catch the latest summer blockbusters. The Inters, Collegiate’s and Seniors were set to enjoy their day at the movies followed by Gorilla Grove for some fun zip lining but the weather had some different plans for this group too. It was an easy swap to go rollerskating and everyone just rolled with it.

The GC’s in Arizona, had their flight home canceled so they too pivoted. It appears that every group had to be River today. They went with flow and allowed the day to truly unfold. Your kids showed patience and helpfulness today a desire to part of the solution that allowed the moves. to be made without a hitch. You would be so proud knowing that all our campers were most definitely the River.