It was an absolutely perfect day for an Apache Relay. This race includes every single player on both teams and everyone matters in our Apache Relay. No matter if you are doing the elephant walk, diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up 8 spoons or assigned for infamous “unknown”, you count. There are 54 events that make up the Apache and each one of them are essential to the integrity of the race. It is a 3-hour event that utilizes the entire camp and being a part of it is just plain insane fun. To run the Apache is like nothing you have ever done before and after you have done it, you can’t wait to do it again. The race was close the whole way through with lead changes happening at every turn. You could hear the cheers from each team that took the lead but in the last few challenges Gold Star Wars crossed that finish line and celebrated with a burst of our joy and energy that was felt by everyone wearing gold shirts. Apache 2022 is in the books as one exciting race. There are events and activities that define Camp Chen-A-Wanda and Apache is one of them.

Girls  side had their track meet today and boys side battled in the pool at their swim meet. The kids had so much fun as they relayed to their finish lines getting cheers, praise and encouragement for their hard work and effort. The spirit was high and heat was on. To watch how this community gives one another support and encouragement is really life changing. It starts from our staff as they jump up and down cheering for the campers and that is infectious and it just catches on from there. There is so much positive energy in this camp, it is infectious, it is contagious and it is everywhere. This last week is giving us everything we want and everything we need. It’s passion, it’s hard work, its dedication and it’s knowing that summer is coming to an end in just a few days. It’s our last push and we are all giving it all we have.

Our night was spent at counselor games as we watched our staff play hard and play fair. Basketball, soccer and volleyball were the games our staff played tonight and it was so much fun watching them give it their all. We are all in this together and tonight our kids cheered as our staff was playing. Every minute & every moment we have left here is important and we aren’t wasting a second. This summer has been incredible and as we face the end of of Color War, we know camp is ending. One more day and in true Color War form, it all comes down to Sing!! There are only 50 points separating the teams and its anyones War. One last day to give it our all and one last night to make Color War 2022 the best on yet!!!!