An aMAZEing Day

It was anything but a typical day today at Camp Chen-A-Wanda as the Corn Man came to Chenny and he hit it out of the park with his delicious sweet roasted corn on the cob. He started roasting the corn early in the morning and that yummy sweet smell covered every corner of camp all day long. Mid afternoon came, it was time and the campers were ready. You have no idea how much your kids LOVED the roasted corn. It was the sweetest most yummy corn you can imagine and it was delicious. We’re all hooked. A Middy boy, in between bites said to me “I had no idea that I liked corn.” It was just a delicious day and Corn Man was again a huge hit with everyone here. A true camp favorite!!!!

Everybody loves Minute To Win It and Chenny kids had a ball as each division had a boy and girl player represent their division.. The crowd cheered on their campers as they were playing for some fabulous and fun prizes. There were 12 players to start the game and after several rounds of incredible challenges, it was narrowed down to 2 finalist who battled it out. ┬áThe last event was incredible as each contestant had a cup full of mentos mints and both stood on a platform overlooking a large bottle of soda. The task needed them to successfully drop a mentos into the soda where it would cause a reaction for the soda to crate a volcano and shoot up. It was neck and neck and anyone’s game but with only seconds on the clock, Junior camper Mason Kohen won!!!! Shields Hall went crazy and the kids had an absolute ball. Another amazing night here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Life is just so great at Camp CHEN-A-WANDA.