We Are Ready for Visiting Day

We all know what is happening tomorrow and we just can’t contain the excitement. We spent the day getting our summer home ready for you and it looks beautiful.  In just a few short hours, our families will be lining up down camp road and visiting day 2015 will officially begin.

Our athletes were focused and fierce today as they played hard on the courts and fields.

Freshmen/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 8 @ Tioga 12

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 4 @ Starlight 10

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 40 @ Tioga 6

Collegiate Boys Roller Hockey – CAW 8 vs. Starlight 9

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 67 vs. Tioga 15

GC/CIT Boys LAX – CAW 5 vs. Wayne 10

Another fantastic week has passed by and another hardy congratulations to the following Campers of the Week!!!!

Freshmen –                         Eden Lebovitch          Troy Golden

Junior –                                Elly Frank                  Jack Komson

Middies –                             Marli Cohen                Jack Einzig

Inters –                               Rachel Knee                  Jase Nadboy

Collegiates –                       Alexa Hallen                Alex Kapusta

Seniors –                             Hailey Wolff                Michael Hellerman

Supers –                              Sami Flyer                   Matt Rosen

GC’s –                                Alexis Ash                      David Smolowitz

CIT’s                                   Julia Blee                     Henry Weinstock

Tonight was off the charts fun with our annual Chenny Jam Basketball Game. Girls were head to toe in neon and boys wore all black. It was Girls vs. Boys in this extremely high energy crazy fun game of basketball. When the video comes out, its a must watch. Girls side brought home the win tonight but everyone left with a smile on their face as if they had floor seats at the Garden. What a great night we had.

Only a few more hours until you get to hug your children. We can’t wait to see you in the morning!!!  We wish you nothing but a joyful day with your family tomorrow. Happy Visiting Day!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda

Chenny out.