Nothing Beats Apache

It was an absolutely perfect day for an Apache Relay. This race includes every single player on both teams and everyone matters in the Apache Relay. No matter if you are doing the elephant walk, diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up 8 spoons or assigned for infamous “unknown”, you count. There are 56 events that make up the Apache and each one of them are essential to the integrity of the race. It is a 3-hour event that utilizes the entire camp and being a part of it is just plain insane fun. To run the Apache is like nothing you have ever done before and after you have done it, you can’t wait to do it again. The race was close the whole way through with lead changes happening at every turn. You could hear the cheers from each team that took the lead but in the last few challenges Gold Indians crossed that finish line only to beat the Red Cowboys by a mere few minutes. It was so close and a race well run. Apache 2015 is in the books as one of the most exciting races ever run at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. So close and so much fun. Your kids are having an absolute ball.

Before each breakfast and dinner during Color War the Captains and Lieutenants give psych speeches that will inspire and motivate their teams. A speech that stood out tonight was given by a Lieutenant on the Red Cowboy team, Jason Levine. He spoke from the heart about how important being on a team is supporting your teammates help define your charter. He shared how he grew up as a camper here at Chenny and he wasn’t the most athletic or the loudest camper by any means but he always loved the Apache Relay because his contribution mattered and it played a part in the outcome to a team he was committed to. Jason is no longer a camper but a tall, smart, confident leader who spoke words that resonated with every camper listening tonight. He told them how it feels to be part of something bigger than themselves and to give their all and some day those of you who may not be the best athlete on the field or those who may be quiet and shy will lead their team as he is as a Lieutenant in a Color War. You could hear a pin drop as he inspired everyone at line up tonight.

It was skit night tonight and it was hilarious. Each team created creative and brilliant skits that told the story of their journey through Color War 2015. Red Cowboys got all countryfied while Gold Indians shared their stories and the Camp Chen-A-Wanda ancestry and how it camp about. Both were fantastic but the overall winner of skit night went to the Gold Indians. At the conclusion of skit night the scores were read only 31 points separate both teams right now as the Red Cowboys are in the lead. Tomorrow is our last day of Color War and like we alway say…..IT ALL COMES DOWN TO SING!!!!

Chenny out.