Late Night With Leahy – A Camp Fav!!!!

Today was the last official day of regular activities and we enjoyed every single minute. Camp was full of happy campers. Our fields & courts were full of campers playing on them. We all knew that this is it and everyone was getting it all in before we load those buses on Saturday. Reality is setting in and the end is in sight for everyone here and we just don’t want this feeling to end.

Center camp looked like a movie set with kids having a catch together, throwing the Frisbee to one another and swinging on swings without a care in the world. Can you imagine a world where there is just no pressure and good feelings surround you? Your children are in that world for at least the next 2 days!!

It was time for the last Kind Camper Awards for summer 2015 and the kids were excited to see who received this new camp favorite award. Congratulations to our kind campers. We could’t be more proud of your kindness: Devin Chen, Alex Brandoff, Alexa Selter, Ben Selter, Ben Yatch, Sarah Haber, Hannah Nissenbaum, Sabrina Marpet, Jacob Pinsk, Olivoa Metzger, Noah Marcus, Lexi Tave, Jake Berlin, Dylan Grabow, Talia Kaplan, Cole Sussman, Jordana Deandrea, Sydney Rosenberg, Jack Santoro, Hailey Wolff, Matty Kellner, Drew Sandler, Lily Glickman, Mack Schnell, Mychael Schnell and Julia Bromley

The night was all about Late Night with Leahy and this is by far the most anticipated show of the entire summer delivered by our truly remarkably talented Associate Director Brian Leahy. Brian produces the most hilarious and relevant array of great videos and presentations that leave us in stitches. It was hilarious and referenced everything funny about camp this summer. Every camper and staff member laughed till it hurt. It’s our very own late night show with comedy sketches, TV commercial spoofs, head staff mean tweets and a Top 10 List. This evening’s activity is a camp favorite and even our counselors that were off duty, stayed in to see tonight’s show because it’s just that entertaining. Campers absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.

Everyone is looking forward to banquet tomorrow night. It is an incredible evening to celebrate the summer we all had and we do it in style. We dine on amazing cuisine in the Lodge, which will be transformed to our theme of off to College!! Then we all head into Shields Hall for our big end of the year Awards ceremony and honor our campers and counselors that have shined this summer.  After awards, it’s back to the bunk to get on comfortable clothes and shoes for one amazing night of dancing and celebrating. Best night of Chenny is just around the corner. It’s one big party and everyone looks forward to this night all summer long. It’s hard to believe it’s actually here as it feels like we just rolled into camp but 48 days have passed and here we sit at the end. Just a few more days to go and we plan on cherishing every single moment we still have together. Going the distance with all these amazing people makes it so difficult to say goodbye.

Chenny Out.