An Extreme CIT/Waits Surprise…It was off to the Dave Matthews Band Concert. AWESOME!!!

The day started off with a special coed lineup where a mystery poem appeared. Campers were told to scour the camp looking for giant letters. Campers were helped by our CITs and Waits in assembling the mystery letters into a clue. The clue read: “For the next clue go to the lake.” The campers were ready for breakout as our head counselors blobbed into the lake, but they got faked big time! The campers will have to wait.

It was 1:00pm and time for the CIT /Waits to leave on their mystery trip. They had no idea where they were headed and we had a blast faking them out. We began our journey at The Little Red Schoolhouse for a buffet lunch. After all our bellies were full, we loaded the buses again and off we went. It was straight to the Bethel Woods for the Dave Matthews Band concert. It was an amazing show and the campers loved it!! Our CIT/Waits work extremely hard and it was our pleasure to give them a night that they will never forget.

Our lower camp campers had a ball at Bingo. They won fantastic prizes including ice cream shakes and pizza parties for their bunks. Our upper camp campers rocked out with their own karaoke party.

Another fantastic day at CAW!!