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Wayne County Games on 07-07-09


  • 10th/11th grade soccer won 10-0
  • 7th grade softball won 8-7
  • 8th grade baseball won 6-3
  • 5th grade basketball won 30-18
  • 10th/11th grade baseball won
  • 6th grade basketball lost
  • 6th grade soccer lost


  • 10th/11th grade soccer won 7-0.
  • 8th/9th grade volleyball placed 4th in the Wayne County Tournament.
  • 7th grade girls softball lost.

Wayne County Games on 07-03-09


  • 5th grade soccer won 9-2.
  • 10th and 11th grade lacrosse won 18-17 in overtime.
  • 8th and 9th grade lacrosse won 13-12 in overtime.
  • 10th – 11th grade hockey lost 10-1.


  • 6th grade basketball won 26-12.


Congratulations to our 7th grade girls basketball team who won their game today. Way to go girls!!!

Our 9th grade girls basketball team lost in their opening game. We will get‘em next time.