Robert Weaver & Sarah Phelps Weaver

Rob and I met at camp in the summer of 1997. With a little help from a few campers, Sabrina Malden and company, and evenings at Chet’s, a summer of fun began! It was a whole lot of fun, but we never thought it would last a lifetime! At the end of that summer, Rob and I thought that it was goodbye. Although Rob lived in Virginia at the time, we lived near each other in England and that Christmas we saw each other again.

We dated across the Atlantic for years and finally, we got married in 2003. We now have two children, Jacob (11) and Amelia (8), and live in Dubai. Our life is fantastic and one great big adventure. CAW is an extremely special place in our hearts and we will always be thankful for all of the friends that we have made and for being part of the Chenny family.