Chris Evans & Joy Jensen Evans

I started at CAW in the summer of 2002 as a Basketball Specialist for the Super Boys and again in 2003. In 2004, I was their Group Leader watching them finish their CITs/Waiter summer. Joy came to camp in the summer of 2003, also as a Basketball Specialist, and her girls were Supers (only a year younger than the boys I had). We stayed at camp until the summer of 2010. At the time, I was going to college in Kentucky and going back to Australia before camp started, and Joy was going to college in Iowa. So we had some long distance relationship to deal with during that time.

My first encounter with Joy was on the second day of camp. We were playing get to know each other games on the lower hockey rink during staff orientation. The game was where your partner was in one circle and you were on the outer circle, both circles would go in different directions and when the music stopped, you would get on one knee and your partner would run over to you and sit on your knee. At the end of Summer ’05, in the pouring rain, I had a friend help get her to the lower hockey rink, in the same spot where we first met and I proposed.

In September of 2006, we got married and continued to come to camp and held various positions during that time. Finally finishing up in the summer of 2010 as Athletic Director/Maitre D and Girls Head Counselor. Currently, we live in Iowa and have two wonderful little girls Taylor (8) and Reagan (5) who both will be dominating hardwoods very soon.

We love and miss camp a lot, it was a very big part of our lives and we’re very thankful for the friends that we met and still talk to and for the family it has given us both.