Category: Important Information

Let There Be Light!

The lights are on here at CHEN-A-WANDA!!!

After a great day of activities, we are happy to report power has been fully restored here at C-A-W!!!

Please bear with us as our phone and internet systems come back into service. Phone calls will resume tomorrow. There will be a slight delay in posting pictures and video.

We will post a normal blog post tonight with a recap of all today’s activities.

No Lights… C-A-W Will Show It's Might…

Good morning! Still no lights here, but that is not going to stop us from having some good ol’ Chenny fun! We had a delicious breakfast and are out to freeplay. After a normal lunch and rest hour, we will be having our awards ceremonies on boys and girls side. We will run normal activities in the afternoon, as the sun is shining.

Once again, everyone is safe and enjoying themselves here at camp. With the exception of lights, incoming phone calls, and internet, we are fully operational.

We will continue to operate as normal and keep you informed on the happenings at camp.

Camp As Usual…

Good evening. Camp is nice and bright with all our generators and lights, and we had a great dinner. Our campers had great costumes at Halloween, loved the movies, and have all showered and brushed their teeth. All bunks have bottled water and all our counselors are on.

Please keep in mind we still have no phone or internet, so campers will not have their scheduled phone calls. We are told power should be restored by tomorrow, and we will keep you informed.

Rest assured, everyone is safe and having a great time. The Lodge is fully operational and the kids are enjoying hot delicious meals.

Blackout Schmackout

Who needs power? We don’t.

Today our campers got to celebrate Halloween at camp. They had a costume parade and got to go trick or treating. Tonight we are having an in camp movie and our inters and collegiates are out to the movies.

We have generators powering our kitchen, health center (for medication), water pumps to allow for showering and teeth brushing, and rec hall so we can have our movie.

Everyone is totally safe and enjoying this unique fun-filled experience.

Please note that all tours and rookie days are canceled for tomorrow, so if you or anyone you know is planning on coming to visit us, please know that we a focusing on keeping everything running for our campers and staff.

Hope all of our families are safe and recovering from the storm as well, and we will keep you posted with any developments.

Weather Update 3

Good morning! it’s a beautiful day at camp, but we still do not have power. Everyone is safe and all our staff will remain on duty throughout the day. We are proceeding with our regularly scheduled brunch and daily activities.